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Rain Dance @ Mocha Retreat

Rain dance is a fun activity that involves getting wet and dancing to loud music. Youngsters enjoyed the wonderful treat of rain dance, which served as a great stress-buster.

To beat the summer heat, a "Rain Dance Party" is a must. Rain dance is a stress-relieving method, a break from daily worries, and a creative and expressive outlet. Rain dancing may help people feel physically refreshed and improve their mood, tackling serious concerns like stress and depression. Trips are never planned and can turn out to be the finest ones. You may stay in exquisite, hand-picked hotels and guesthouses of your own choice in some of the most beautiful parts of Sakleshpur / Chikmagalur.


Cycling @ Mocha Retreat

Imagine cycling through the lush green trails of our coffee Estate that are untouched by people or pollution. The variety of the flora and fauna will leave you astonished and asking for more. We also have cycles at our resort (limited numbers). For details contact our home stay manager who will assisting and take care of all this type amenities


Bonfire @ Mocha Retreat

Stay warm and enjoy the serenity of nature sitting around the campfire. Relish on barbecued food and your favorite beverages. Have a fun filled dance night along with your family and friends. Enjoy a sumptuous dinner by a bonfire under a starry sky with your family and friends


Barbeque @ Mocha Retreat

Fun start as the sun goes down, enjoy with personalized barbecue and enjoy dinner in cackling sounds of your personalized campfire. Campfires with barbecues can be arranged premises depends on the weather condition. (barbecues are arranged with extra cost). How beautiful does that sound? We can make this come true and maybe even surpass your expectation.


Plantation Walk @ Mocha Retreat

Taking leisurely walks through the coffee plantation is the best way to spend your time at the homestay. Our Estate is a home to a large of species of flora and fauna. Breathe in the tang of fresh air with a gentle breeze blowing against you as you walk through the green coffee plantation. Also you can hear song of birds and insects.


Trekking near Mocha Retreat

Tekking on the beautiful green terraces, and wading through the lush green terrains of Western Ghats is exactly what you need to unwind and forget about the city life....... Nearest trekking point form Mocha Retreat Jenkallu Gudda and Pandavara Gudda Vehicles can be arranged at extra cost kindly contact our Manager during Check-In.


Jeep Ride @ Mocha Retreat

Four wheel ride (Jeep) Explore Mocha retreat and the area surrounding it like a true-blue explorer. These jeep rides are capable of making you feel like an Bliss trying to find some new world in the Lush green Nature (Jeep rides cost extra and depend on the availability of the jeep and the weather conditions.) for more details contact our Manager on check-in