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Best Place to Relax

At Mocha Retreat, we provide you with an experience of living at home, though you’re away from home. At every step you are well taken care off. Our guests have come here with their families and friends; during their stay here they have always picked up more friends and enjoyed their stay to the fullest. From Balen homestay you can also explore in and around Chikmagalur.

One of the least known, but amongst the best hill stations in southern India. Traveller has to tour the coffee region of Chikmagalur which is nested in the Malnad area of Karnataka largely forested and hilly region of Heavy rainfall. The unrivalled scenic beauty, thick green valleys, coffee plantations, silver oak wood forests & magnificent mountain ranges presents the traveller to enjoy the luxury of nature. This region is also the birth place of Indian coffee industry and the cradle of the powerful Hoysala Dynasty.

This scenic coffee town takes its name from the word Chikkamagaluru which in kannada means “younger Daughter’s Town”. Legend has it that this part of the district was presented by a prominent local chieftain to his younger daughter as dowry. Circa 1600 A.D Shah Jamaal Allah Magatabi (later known as Baba Budan) on the return from his pilgrimage to Mecca, planted the coffee seeds he brought back from Yemen around his mountains abode on the Chandradhrona Parvattha; and thus was born the coffee industry in India.

Villa & Cottages

Mocha retreat has Villa home like feel cottages with modern facilities. The Natural scenery has been integrated with design giving it an open feel. To give a natural feel, most materials have been procured from the coffee plantation. The Cottages have been strategically located which gives a magnificent view of the coffee plantation and the beautiful landscape of the Western Ghats. The cottages have been placed in perfect isolation to give you freedom to experience the nature without being disturbed. All the cottages have the following facilities:

  • - Upto 50 Pax can be staying in Mocha Retreat
  • - One Villa House with a Accommodation Capacity of 20 Pax
  • - 3 Rooms for 5 persons with 2 double bed and 1 single bed
  • - 1 Room for 8 persons with 2 double bed and four single bed
  • - Designer bathroom
  • - View with layback chairs opening to scenic view.
  • - The tents are spacious and clean. You will have a great time staying in them
  • - 3 persons per tent.

Served buffet style three times a day, our delicious, health-conscious vegetarian and non-vegetarian meals feature an ever-changing variety of South Indian Malnad cuisine.

Entries often include Chicken or Mutton dishes, sometimes fish (as available), and all meals include eggs and dairy. Our talented chefs use many fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables from our own garden/market or fresh grown produce from the region.

The dining area is architected & constructed on the unique style of Malnad’s Thotti Mane style, with wooden pillars giving a 270 degree view of the surrounding.

At Mocha retreat, be pampered with some of our delicacies Chikmagalur/Sakleshpur style food (Malnad food) vegetarian and non-vegetarian food. Home cooked food, Veg and Non Veg. Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and evening coffee with snacks. We also provide local Malnad style food which consists of Rotti, Shavige, Kadabu, Idli etc and food includes Veg and Non-Veg.