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About Us

About Mocha Retreat: Where Comfort, Luxury, and Nature Collide

At Mocha Retreat, we believe that life's too precious to settle for anything less than extraordinary. That's why our homestay provides comfort and luxury combined with the captivating beauty of nature – creating a unique experience sure to leave you feeling refreshed and motivated.

From a Simple Idea to a Homestay Like No Other: Our Story

Our mission was to create a tranquil haven away from the hustle and bustle of metropolitan life - to build a space where people could come together with nature while indulging in modern luxuries. It is this very notion that ultimately brought about Mocha Retreat.

Nestled in Nature's Wonderland

Hidden in the beautiful Sakleshpur hills, Mocha Retreat offers a unique escape surrounded by lush and vibrant foliage. You can truly relax here as nature's sweet symphony envelops you; from birdsong to rustling leaves, these calming sounds will surely calm your mind and bring peace to your soul.

Cozy Beds and Mouth-Watering Delicacies: The Accommodation at Mocha Retreat

At Mocha Retreat, we understand that a homestay should be more than just an accommodation; it should be an experience. Everything here has been designed, from plush beds to tantalizing local cuisine, so that your time with us will be truly unforgettable. All the cottages have the following facilities:

  • - Upto 50 Pax can be staying in Mocha Retreat
  • - One Villa House with a Accommodation Capacity of 20 Pax
  • - 3 Rooms for 5 persons with 2 double bed and 1 single bed
  • - 1 Room for 8 persons with 2 double bed and four single bed
  • - Designer bathroom
  • - View with layback chairs opening to scenic view.
  • - The tents are spacious and clean. You will have a great time staying in them
  • - 3 persons per tent.

The Dream Team: Meet the People Behind Mocha Retreat

At Mocha Retreat, our passionate team prides itself on creating a delightful experience for all our visitors. We believe the key to a great homestay lies in the people - and we have assembled nothing short of extraordinary individuals.

Our Vision - Creating Unforgettable Memories

At Mocha Retreat, we aim to curate unforgettable experiences for our guests. We understand that life should be savored and enjoyed with meaningful memories. Make the most out of life - come join us at Mocha Retreat, where we can help craft timeless moments!