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Sakleshpur Surround

Sakleshpur Surround: Where Nature Meets Adventure

Sakleshpur, a small town in Karnataka in the gorgeous Western Ghats, is an ideal destination for anyone looking to break away from their hectic urban lifestyle. Trek through the rolling hills of Sakleshpur and take in its stunning natural beauty. From lush greenery to cascading waterfalls and sprawling coffee estates, there is something for everyone here - whether you're a nature enthusiast, an adventurous traveler, or someone who enjoys learning more about history. Here are some of our recommendations for things to do while you're here:

Coffee Estate Tours: Savor the Aroma of Freshly Brewed Coffee

If you're ever in Sakleshpur, a coffee estate tour is a must-do! Walk through the vibrant plantations and learn how their expertly crafted coffee beans are harvested. And don't forget to take a whiff of the enticing aroma of freshly brewed coffee; it’s sure to leave you feeling invigorated and energized. Enjoy some delicious samples as well - there's no better way to experience one of India's finest coffees.

Looking for a wondrous escape? Look no further than Sakleshpur! An ideal amalgamation of nature, culture, and adventure awaits you. From exploring coffee plantations to trekking through the Western Ghats or simply soaking in tranquil waterfalls - this destination offers something special for everyone. So don't wait any longer; pack your bags now and prepare for an enthralling experience at Sakleshpur!


Manjarabad Fort: A Glimpse into History(Aprox. 35 Kms)

Constructed by Tipu Sultan in the late 1700s, Manjarabad Fort is a ravishing feat of architecture that merits your attention. This star-shaped fort crowns a hilltop with eight points and provides an awe-inspiring view of its environs. Moreover, it contains something more intriguing: a secret passage used as an escape route for Tipu Sultan during battles.


Betta Byraveshwara Temple (Aprox. 12 Kms)

Perched atop a hill, the Bettada Byraveshwara Temple is an idyllic site of spiritual solace. Its tranquil atmosphere and divine dedication to Lord Shiva make it a haven for those seeking answers within themselves; believed to have been built over 600 years ago, its serenity also grants visitors much sought-after peace through meditation and introspection.


Rameshwara Temple (Aprox. 08 Kms)

Devarunda is short in Kannada for “Devaru Ida Jaga” (the abode of Gods). Also known as Dakshina Kashi, the temple complex houses the gods Rameshwara, Veerabadreshwara, Byreshwara, Channakeshva, Parvati, Ganapathi, etc and is very revered. The temple said to be over a 500 years old, is undergoing a makeover with newer constructions coming up within the complex.


Magajahalli- Abbi Falls (Aprox. 18 Kms)

Bask in the serenity of nature at Manjehalli Waterfalls with your family and friends on an unforgettable retreat. Also known as Abbi Falls, Manjehalli Waterfalls is one of the most gorgeous Sakleshpur tourist places. A cool bathe beneath the gurgling stream is a refreshing activity and one can look forward to see the beauty of monsoons in India at Manjehalli Waterfalls.


Pandavar Betta (Aprox. 12 Kms)

This place is one of the most enthralling sightseeing places in Sakleshpur and attracts a number of tourists. One can indulge in enjoying the visual delights at Pandavar Gudda by taking their loved ones on a picnic or challenge their spirits with an exciting trek to the top of the hill.


Jenukal Gudda (Aprox. 12 Kms)

An exhilarating adventure awaits you at Jenukal Gudda, or the Honey Hill - the second-highest peak in Karnataka. Traversing through lush forests, rolling hillsides, and foaming streams will eventually lead you to the summit, where a stunning panorama of Sakleshpur town can be observed from atop.


Mookana Mane Waterfalls: Soak in the Serenity

Nestled in the Western Ghats, an idyllic paradise awaits you at Mookana Mane Waterfalls. Surrounded by verdant vegetation and tranquil waters, this is ideal for a peaceful picnic or soothing swim. The gushing waterfall soundscape with birdsong will transport you to a blissful world of serenity!


The Origin of Hoysalas (Aprox. 05 Kms)

The story is believed to have happenned more than 1000 years ago. at Sasakapura or Sosevur which is today identified as Angadi, a small hamlet in Chikmagalur district in Karnataka The temple of the Goddess , along with the ruins of more temples and basadis is the only proof of this myth .The folklore however became so popular that every temple of the Hoysalas has this story carved in stone and it became the royal emblem of the dynasty.